What Makes A Great Leader? Essay

1001 Words May 23rd, 2016 null Page
Leadership is a trait most individuals in today 's society lack, but those who posses this characteristic are special. These individuals rise above others and take charge. They stand out like the sun on a gloomy day. Being a leader can be difficult at times, because so many people depend on you. Most individuals collapse under the pressure, but good leaders stay calm during difficult situations. What characteristics make a great leader though? Personally I think every leader should possess traits like commitment, responsibility, and determination. All good leaders should show commitment, because it is a trait that is required in every aspect of life. For example, if you are a captain of an athletics team you have to show full commitment, because your teammates and coaches depend on you, You have to be willing to go the extra mile and rise above all your competition by pushing yourself at practice, and in the offseason. Show everyone you are serious by being the first and last one at practice. If you make promises, you have to stick to them and keep them. By doing this, you gaining everyone 's trust, and showing your dependability.
Commitment is a crucial part of being successful. This is why developing this characteristic is important. In my opinion, most individuals can develop commitment by being consistent. If you consistently work hard and complete your promises, then sooner or later it will become a habit. You also have to know how to be flexible with your…

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