Essay on What Makes A Great Fiction Novel?

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What Makes a Great Fiction Novel?

The writers who enjoy writing fiction novels have a challenge to deal with that non-fiction writers do not. Whereas non-fiction writers have a fact based story that is supported, no matter how crazy it may sound to some, writers of fiction make take an idea that is purely a fiction of their imagination and make it real. The characters must stand out, the story must be interesting, and it must be able to make a person feel as though they are part of the story in some way. Otherwise, instead of being on the bestselling fiction novel list, you will end up with a book that no one wants to read or publish. That is why before you ever put pen to paper, you need to discover what makes a great fiction novel. Otherwise, you will be setting yourself, and your potential readers, up for failure.

Your Characters Should Shine

In a fictional novel, characters are not someone you can see and know a little backstory on before you pick up the book. When writing fiction, you cannot assume that your reader knows about the characters, but the characters needs to be able to become a real person for the time it takes them to read that story. This means that the characters in your book must have a story. They must have personality, a body type, and a story that may go beyond the one you are writing. If you are writing a story about a grown up woman, explain that as a child she would do other things. You do not have to dwell on it or devote chapters to…

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