What Makes A Good Writing? Essay example

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Writing allows a writer to express his or her opinion on any subject. However, for some reason, it is typically very difficult for one to express his or herself in the form of an essay. While writing expresses a person, it also aids in reflecting on what the subject means. Essays are divided into four main categories. These categories include descriptive, persuasive, expository, and narrative. Although writing an exquisite essay can be complicated, proper grammar, good use of transitions, and being able to maintain focus are simple factors that will greatly improve any piece of writing.
What is the true definition of good writing and what does it include. Well good writing can be refer to as good teaching. The reason for this is that fine writing should explain and makes ideas clearer to the reader. A marvelous essay also develops gradually. When writing it is important not to just jump to the goal but to build towards it. Another crucial factor to take account for when writing a good essay is to write an essay well suited for the audience. Also an exceptional piece of work should be interesting, it should not bore and lose the audience. All these component should be kept in mind no matter the type of essay that is at hand.
Not every essay is written in the same style. There are four major types of writing which are determined by the object of the writer. The type of writing that is informative and presents a balanced analysis of a topic is known as expository writing.…

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