What Makes A Good Writer? Essay

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What Makes a Good Writer?
Every day people are surrounded by works of literature whether its fiction, nonfiction, a short story or even a poem. Literature has been integrated into our daily lives. One lives in a world where writing is second nature; a child is often taught how to write at the age of six, and continues to further his/her writing as the year’s progress. However, according to Anne Bernays “people can’t be taught how to write, they either have it or they don’t.” In order to become a great writer, one must use descriptive language effectively in a distinctive way, while challenging oneself to go beyond ones natural limitations. Being a great writer inspires others who are interested in writing, as well as allows one to develop a sense of understanding as to what one is reading throughout their lives.
The key to becoming a great writer is to engage your reader with details but also limit the excessive use of diction as this makes the reader tired and bored (Insider, Business). "Description begins in the writer 's imagination, but should finish in the reader 's," states Stephen King during an interview with Business Insider (Insider, Business). Description is one of the essentials in order to connect the reader to the writer however, the challenging part is to not write too much: as Tracey Chevalier states, “by using fewer words, I am also giving readers the chance to fill the gaps with their own…which encourages the contact between the reader and the writer.” By…

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