What Makes A Good Will? Essay

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According to Kant, a good will is good not for the reason of its consequences, or the purpose of its action, and what it may achieve. If we are to take out of its con and pro, its value will still remain, and that indicated an action of good will is simply good, it’s an action of viture, and vuntilary. Kant talked about other goods that are desirable because their qualification, and the good consequences brings us pleasure and happiness. Although they may be good, but unlike good will they are not absolutely good. These goods, such as wealth, while it can bring happiness, but they can also become bad, depends on the motivation, wealth could bring greed, unlike good will, these are tools.
In the reading other than action done from act of duty, Kant also talked about people act on self-interest, and people has natural tendency to please others.
No, according to Kant, a dealer that would not overcharge, the dealer had acted from duty and from the principles of honesty, and because of his own advantage required him to be fair to everyone. Kant said, his action qualified neither from duty nor from direct inclination, but self-interest. Which according to Kant, this dealer’s action has no moral worth, because he was doing the right thing. However, if someone who wish to die, but choose not to end his life, out of preservation of life, Kant said this person isn 't doing it from natural tendency or out of fear, but he is living because it is his duty, which according…

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