What Makes A Good Wedding? Essay

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Probably some of the most pleasing and enjoying things to children or people in general has to do with sweets. In the life of a child one will likely to get a birthday at a certain point and with a parent’s idea, they will like to get their children cake because cake represents a special event. Going out with parent as a child could represent a time whereby one get to eat sweets like ice-cream which contain sugar. During Thanksgiving or Hallowing it turns in to a night where children do go around and beg for candy from people and during a week it will be finish within few weeks and it is enough sugar consuming. A good wedding itself is never complete without cutting the wedding cake and everybody gets some. As a child is very interesting to go to the dentist because before one is done one gets a candy bar which as a point in time it is bad because the reason why the child come to the dentist is that he or she has had a problem with their teeth, so the idea of them coming back to the dentist because sugar and candy causes cavity in the tooth. The question is that shouldn’t sugar be eliminated in the upbringing of a child or even the growing youth?
Throughout years doctors seems to claim that sweets or sugar are made of empty calories and contains vitamins or minerals that it takes for people to survive. At the dentist it is started that sugary foods encourage tooth decay. Many people turn to avoid sweet food because it would lead to obesity, heart problem, diabetes and even…

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