What Makes A Good Student? Essay

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negative attitude, which is another pretty serious problem. So that a good vocabulary accumulation is that important to an international student that may potentially make his/her academic adjusting become smother.
For the fourth challenge, other than language problems, it is about changing the attitude to adjust American school system. Knowing that Chinese school words in a very different way, same as teacher’s expectation of what is a good student. What teacher and the educational system value and what do colleges expect? In fact, most of these between two cultures are very different. In order to blend in the society of American school and take advantage of all the reachable sources that may be helpful, international student need to have some knowledge and understanding of how the American schools work. What is valued to be a good student for both their school community and for colleges. Overall, to have an idea of the whole American educational system is pretty important to adjust themselves in order to get success in American high schools. So that students can set a goal and work toward it diligently. For example, American teachers think expressing idea is an important ability to have. I know about many Chinese students would feel shy or not confidence about speaking out their opinion. They would rather conceal it in the heart instead of say it out load due to the cultural awareness of modest and conservative. I feel it because it is sounding through my personal…

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