Essay What Makes A Good Person?

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What is a good society and what is a good person? The question has been talked about over thousands of years. The theory about what is a good society and a good person vary from person to person. Not all people can agree with a specific theory about what is a good person and what is a good society. As long as the majority of people feel a theory is reasonable, then it is worth discussion. This essay will talk about what a good person is and what a good society is based on the theories of Rousseau, Kant, Bentham and Rawls.

According to Rousseau, a good person is the one that can obey his/her conscience and a good society is the society that can serve to the general will. Conscience is the thing that everybody is borns with and Rousseau believes that everyone shares the same conscience no matter who they are and which countries they are from. “ You will everywhere find the same idea of right and justice; everywhere the same principles of morality, the same idea of good and evil. ( Rousseau, 1762). Conscience gives us instructions about what is right thing to do or what is the wrong. With the guidance of conscience, people do not need to worry about doing the wrong thing. As Rousseau mentioned in his book From Emile “ conscience never deceives us; she is the true guide of man; it is to the soul what instinct is to the body ; he who obeys his conscience is following nature and he need not fear that he will ho astray” (Rousseau, 1762). Conscience allows people to know that the…

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