What Makes A Good Parent? Essay

1338 Words Aug 22nd, 2015 6 Pages
When you were a small child your parents would cook your meals unless you went to a restaurant. Not knowing how your food was made, you would eat every last bite of what was in front of you and know it was good for you. The image of your mom or dad preparing you a meal was proof enough of the foods health benefits. There is not a good parent in the world that wants their child to be unhealthy, unlike your average restaurant cook. Most restaurant foods consist of face pace, easily ready cooking ingredients and methods. Instead of cooking a wholesome meal catered individually with care and health in mind, most restaurants tend to cook false flavored, high sugar and over salted foods that bring in the most income, which is overlooked sometimes by distracting consumer atmosphere. This brings up the question, are the foods that they cook real? Are any of the foods that are mass produced today real either? Thanks to my mom, when I was young, the food that was made and placed in my mouth was made of all natural ingredients. However, today’s food supply is composed mostly of unnatural and artificial ingredients. This insight to food production then and now makes it hard to believe that so many people still choose to consume unhealthy foods. Foods today are not the same as back in the early era. Understanding why will make you want to re-think what you consume. Before there were fast food restaurants, food was made fresh and with love. Vegetables and meats were collected from local…

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