What Makes A Good Life? Essay

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Seldom, one thinks of the meaning of its own existence. Further, if any is assigned, it’s usually nominated by religion or social constructs, which in reality have no productive value. This is evident in everyday conversation when one finds individuals unsure, hesitant, nervous or even unaware of this matter. For centuries though, philosophers or lovers of wisdom as defined in Latin, have sought to find the meaning of life. The different outcomes, the different interpretations and the different instructions on how to conceptualize this idea say as much about the philosopher as they do about human nature. Dissimilarities between their doctrines may indicate that the meaning of life is unique to each individual.

Firstly, Epicurus indicated certain values, guidelines and parameters that one may choose to follow in order to live a good life. His doctrines emphasized on pleasure. He defined pleasure as the absence of pain and a good life as one without pain. Importantly, Epicurus made a major distinction between pleasures, he specified how the means to achieve certain pleasures are inherently negative and that this type of pleasures are not the key to a good life. Similarly, pleasure may be assumed to be sex for example, large amounts of money or the social status of a famous celebrity. However, Epicurus notes that the sacrifices that one must make to be rich may very well make you miserable, like the stress of keeping up a high status as a famous celebrity may give one’s…

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