Essay on What Makes A Good Life?

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Everybody has their way of defining what makes them have a good life. During the childhood years, the kids think that a good life is playing outside during the hot, sunny days in the summer. When a kid transforms into a college student, that person wants to become a studious person who worked hard to earn his or her grades. After getting a degree from an university, an adult could classify having a good life such as obtaining a compliment from your boss, or capturing that dream job that you dream of ever since they were a little kid. A good way to fulfill life is when you can relax, accomplish a goal and someone is living their own dreams or expectations.
On occasion, there are times when people are stressed out but they do not attempt to relax at all. Being a serene person can help a civilian become a better person than a human being who is stressed out. Relaxation techniques can help individuals with if someone has to present something in front of people. Some relaxation techniques involve taking a long breath in between class assignment or trying to be prepared so do not think that person has a horrible day. Currently, there are some colleges that are offering classes to students that teaches them how to be less stressful when doing assignments. These classes are helping people who are having anxiety issues or people dealing with food cravings (Palowski).
There was this girl named Shelia who always stressed out because she did not do any of the homework assignments. If…

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