What Makes A Good Life? Essay

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The meaning of a good life is different to different people. To the people living in the middle class, good life may mean being richer as much as possible. To the people working or living under the spotlight, they may want to define a good life as acting in a famous movie or winning Oscar Award in their acting careers. Some people might say they cannot define a good life through merely measuring one element in their daily life. They regard having a cup of coffee in the morning as a good life, taking their children to school as a good life, feeling thankful every day as a good life, or even just having a good sleep as a good life. All these simple, enjoyable moments in their life consist of the meaning of the good life. Also, of course, there is a large group of people have never stopped their busy life to think about this question and write down sentences or even just a word. To the people who consider wealth brings them good life may just only consider that money brings them everything they desire to have, which it is enough to tell what a good life is. After they are getting rich and rich, how many of them can really tell that they possess the good life? They still have numerous difficulties that wealthy cannot solve, such as relationships with other people, or eliminate the loneliness in the depth of their heart. As time goes by, their life could be full of unforgettable memories, or some of their life could be described as a flower briefly as a withering flower. At this…

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