What Makes A Good Life? Essay

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Everyone wants “a good life”. Yet, what does that even mean? What is a good life? How does one have a good life? If you asked fifty different students at Saint Anselm College, chances are you would get fifty different answers. As much as the responses may vary, a common concept that everyone gravitates towards is happiness. We know we are happy when we feel it, it is contentment and fulfillment. Most people fail to achieve happiness because they believe it is derived from possessions and wealth; from material goods. Money itself is not a need. Although it can satisfy at times, it does not equate with happiness. For example, people claim they would have a better life if they had a certain car or if a certain person liked them back. Fortune and goods may feel like the best thing in the world, but they have nothing to do with contentment. Now one might ask, what is happiness and how does one achieve it? Ken Robinson is a visionary cultural leader who is one of the world’s principal speakers on many topics. In his lecture on “Passion”, he describes that everyone was born with extraordinary capability. Happiness is how satisfied one is with life and how good they feel day-to-day. One’s happiness is achieved from pursuing their own passions. When one follows their passions, new people and new opportunities will open up that may not have before. A specific way to know one is in their element is when sense of time changes. If an individual is participating in something they love,…

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