What Makes A Good Leader? Essay

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For many, being responsible for others can be very difficult and stressing. So, where do leaders come from? Are they born or created? These are common questions regarding those who possess the intangible role of leader. Leadership is a trait that comes natural to some, but others struggle with. That does not mean some individuals are pre-destined for greatness and do not have to work to cultivate their skill. It also holds true that leadership is a trait that can be learned.
There are numerous schools of thought and theories on what makes a good leader. Researchers have complied mounds and mounds of information on traits associated with leaders, good and bad, effective and ineffective. This includes bad human beings who were effective leaders and good people who were ineffective. Their actions while in leadership roles have provided vast amounts of information that can be used to identify specific behaviors that contribute to refining leadership potential. Since the dawn of man, individuals have been recognized as great leaders. Winston Churchill is often considered for manner in which he led England during World War II. Mahatma Gandhi is brought to mind for his peaceful guidance of his followers in India. Abraham Lincoln guided the United States during quite possibly it’s most turbulent challenge: the Civil War. These leaders are remembered for their guidance during difficult challenges.
Though some people may be blessed with great leadership qualities, that…

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