What Makes A Good Leader Needs? Essay

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Charisma is a trait that is very commonly attributed to politicians. However, charisma alone cannot win a president or other decision makers the favor of the general public and therefore a position in office. For everything else a good leader needs, there is what Jack Snyder refers to as rival theories; realism, liberalism, and idealism. Each of these three theories provides a different way of looking at the same problem, and by using all three of them in tandem, Snyder argues that presidents can better confront foreign policy challenges; using one alone is only partially useful in guiding the interpretation of current international dilemmas.
Before summarizing Snyder’s argument, it is important to understand what realism, idealism, and liberalism are at a fundamental level. Realism focuses on how power shifts among states. It describes a constant struggle for power between the various states, as well as how said power’s distribution is constantly changing. Liberalism can be described as highlighting democracy and the number of states that are adapting it. It also describes the struggles and turbulence of the transition into democracy. Idealism hones in on how norms of sovereignty, human rights, and international justice change. It focuses on ethical and legal standards and normative values. These theories should be regarded as three ways to focus on the same foreign policy issue. If the foreign policy issue is said to be a triangle, each theory would be a different point…

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