What Makes A Good Job For A Non Profit Group Essay

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At the age of seven I watched Legally Blond for the first time. After seeing the fabulous life of Elle Woods I quickly decided that, like Elle, I would be a lawyer in the future. From her gorgeous blonde hair to her Beverly Hills attitude, the lawyer life looked incredibly appealing. Fourteen years later I still want to be an attorney when I “grow up,” however my logic for doing so is very different than that of my childhood self. After graduating from Cal I aspire to attend law school to study and ultimately practice civil rights law, out of a strong desire to protect the liberties of individuals who may not be able to do so for themselves. While my goals stem from good intentions, I recognize that my future will be nowhere near as glamorous as Elle’s, especially because I want to work for a non-profit group. By Arne Kallenberg’s standard of what constitutes a “good job,” a career as a attorney is a good job, although it doesn’t . In this paper I will explore the civil rights lawyer career, an area I chose to research because it is the path I hope to take. Typically the law career path is revered and respected in our society. It is associated with a high level of education, professionalism, and a guarantee of financial stability and success. In reality however, there is a lot of diversity in earnings and job quality within this career field, and it is often difficult for individuals to even get into a law program in order to become a lawyer. As a prerequisite to entering…

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