What Makes A Good Introduction? Essays

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What makes a good introduction? If that introduction was effective how do you keep the interests of the audience? These are both questions that every public speaker needs to consider before they give a speech. Not only do you have worry about these things as an audience member you are judging how effective they are the moment the speaker begins. It is that judgement that I carried with me when I watched Regina Hartley’s TED@UPS talk. Hartley’s talk was engaging and inspiring as she talked about who the best candidate to hire can be. Her talk is one of those rare ones where you find yourself listening, not paying attention to how long it is and it is over. I am going to analyze Hartley’s speech through her pathos, ethos and logos to illustrate why her speech was so effective. Hartley begins her speech with a story putting each of the audience members in the shoes of a human resource hiring manager. This is an important choice for Hartley, given the nature of this event. This particular Ted talk is at UPS, which among other things is to promote business. Knowing who the audience is vital to effective pathos. Hartley could simply start with who she hires and why, giving examples to support her case, however Hartley knows that her audience has a purpose to learn information that can help them in their business. To satisfy that want from the very beginning she has the audience pick a side of her story as she starts her speech. A quick and effective way to get your audience’s…

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