What Makes A Good Follower? Essay

824 Words Mar 30th, 2016 4 Pages
Followership an important part of leadership because you can’t be a good leader without being a good follower. Anyone who is a good follower has the potential to be a good leader since a takes a follower to know a follower. There are many characteristics that make up and effective follower, such as, personality, communication skills, being a team player/cooperating, loyalty/dedication, and perceptive. Personality is a key characteristic of an effective follower. A follower with a good personality will fit into the majority of other characteristics since they will get along with other followers and the leader to be able to cooperate and get their job done. A good example of personality is “An outgoing style – the ability and enjoyment of working with other people in a team” (Missouri, n.d.). This means that when a follower has a personality that can and enjoys working with others on a job they show good followership. Communication skills is a very important part of followership and leadership since you can’t work at 100% without being able to communicate with each other. A leader needs good communication from followers so they can resolve any issues that may come up. An example of communication skills is “A follower must be able to understand and communicate with the leader and other group members. An effective leader must have a large amount of feedback.” (Missouri, n.d.). If the followers don’t communicate with each other and the leader they are failing to give each…

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