What Makes A Good Client Engagement? Essay

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I. Introduction
As auditors nothing can be taken for granted but there is a constant that will always be relevant. There are “good” client engagements and there are “bad” client engagements. What makes a good client engagement can be attributed to a strong working relationship and the feelings that you are both working together towards a common goal. Whereas a client may be bad if they are being difficult to work with or if you feel as though they are almost trying to impede your progress. Another aspect, besides the success and industry of the client, of the “good and bad client” idea that is becoming more apparent is the aspect that “good clients” have all these extra perks that auditors have the ability to take advantage of and “bad” clients have nothing. Justin Truong, a Masters of Science in Accounting student from Cal Poly SLO and future PwC auditor, stated in an interview that “often times the most sought after clients are those with the most extraordinary benefits, they will allow you eat at their cafeteria and have access to all the perks their employees do.” While these unexpected benefits increase an auditor 's’ capability to perform an audit it may have an effect on independence.
Independence is considered to be one of the most discussed in accounting literature and is considered to be comprised of two parts (Humphrey, 2008). The first is organizational independence which refers to the auditors willingness to comply with professional standards (Guenin-Parcini,…

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