What Makes A Glass Bottle? Essay example

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A glass bottle is broken in the middle of the street, and as common sense would tell anyone, it is probably best to avoid and walk around it. However, if everyone embodied this practical and sound judgment, then why do people still smoke cigarettes despite knowing the effects to their body? The question is then this: is common sense really so, common? The Oxford dictionary definition states common sense as “good sense and sound judgement in practical matters.” The problem within the definition of this phrase is if this ideology were true, then how can we explain the poor decisions we make everyday? Although defined as being good sense and judgment, common sense has proven to sometimes be unreliable in decision making for every response. Therefore, it is more reasonable to establish common sense as being a rule of thumb for how the world operates, based on experiences and empirical judgements.
Separating the phrase into its word parts can be an effective first approach in defining what common sense really is and the problems that arise within the definitions. Merriam-Webster suggests that the word common is “done by a large sum of people.” If this were true then the bulk of the world would be seen as having common sense; for example, when referring to the glass situation, majority would choose to walk around. The problem is, however, that although the phrase itself is commonly used to describe--what many believe to be-- common actions, the actions and decisions are…

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