Essay on What Makes A Friend?

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Growing up, I’ve always heard that blood is thicker than water, and that loyalty is everything. Also, I’ve always been taught to not call everyone your friend, that many people are associates and not friends. My parents and elders also taught what attributes makes someone a real friend and how a real friend is suppose to treat you. Family members and friends have certain things in common like loyalty, love, caring for you, and being there for you when you need them. They have their differences too, which I’ll discuss in the following paragraphs. We all need a friend, someone we can go to and shoulder we can cry on when we’re in need. We grow up having friends around us. We know our parents to have friends. It is not possible to live without people to talk to. You feel the need of talking to someone about your problems and troubles. You need someone close to you when you feel lonely. There are things you cannot share with your family. I know I have my own secrets that I can only share with my closest friends that I have. Sometimes you trust friend more than you trust your family. We are aware that a friend should stand by your side no matter what. You have to share to each other the moments of happiness as well as the moments of sadness, that’s part of what makes someone your real friend. Friends share a big part of their life with you, since you share a lot of great moments with them like walking in the park, going to the beach or going to the movies at a local theatre.…

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