What Makes A Friend? Essay

1010 Words Mar 9th, 2016 null Page
What does it mean to be a friend? We all have that one person that fills our heart with warm fuzzy platonic love, but what makes them so different? The psychological dictionary states a friendship is a “voluntary relationship between people that lasts a long time and those involved are concerned about each other. It develops from shared interests and experiences and is mutually gratifying.” I hope when you thought about your close friends some of this definition applied. Everyone has their own definition on what makes someone a friend, but it can all be traced back to three main themes, love, fun and growth. These traits are what separate your friend and everyone else. Without these important dynamics a friendship could be unfulfilling and even considered toxic, which is the direct opposite of what a friendship should be.
Our psychological definition stated that friends care deeply about one another which introduces our first topic, love. Love takes many forms, but one thing about friendship is that it’s unconditional. Like what Elbert Hubbard once said “A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.” One of my good friends throughout high school, Jamie, used to shake her head, laugh and say “I love your life” whenever I told her about a bad choice I made. For her my bad decisions were probably entertaining. I asked her why she would always say that, and not scold me and call me an idiot. She replied with that she already knew I was an idiot; she just…

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