What Makes A First Mom Sounded Ridiculous At The Age Of 9 Essay

1050 Words Nov 18th, 2015 null Page
“When we are no longer able to change a situation - we are challenged to change ourselves”( Viktor E. Frankl). Change is required through out the process of life. Some good and some bad, however, the change itself depends on the situation and how you approach it. A second mom sounded ridiculous at the age of 9, my parents had been divorced for 5 years and I knew only of the women he would bring home from time to time. Elizabeth was exactly my father’s type: young, skinny, blonde, gorgeous, and loved classic rock music. She had a great sense of humor and always had a smile on her face. I was skeptical of this woman and many questions purposed in my mind. For the sake of everyones well-being I should have stayed suspicious for that woman was nothing but the downfall of our family. Losing this new addition to my family so quickly, was the last thing that I had expected to occur. My dad was lonely for so long and finally this woman came along and sparked something inside him. Suddenly he had a smile on his face daily, his mood brightened intensely, this was strange. I had never seen such true happiness and love from this man. There was an empty hole in our lives, one that needed to be filled and Liz patched that hole along with all the cracks. It was amazing to see how one person could turn the lives of so many people around and put nothing but love into our hearts and minds. She inspired our love greatly and gave each of us the special care and attention any maternal figure…

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