What Makes A First Date? Essay

825 Words Nov 11th, 2014 4 Pages
The one thing that most everyone, at one time or another, looks for is love. In order for that to happen, one would have to go on an event that is called a first date. Everyone has this idea that being asked on a first date is the scariest part, but in actuality, it is going on that first date that is scary. If the date goes well, then that leads to the second date, the third date, and sometimes more that. However, the first date, it seems to lay the groundwork for the future relationship, if there is one. Now, each person may have a different experience when he or she goes on a first date. The majority of first dates may end differently, with the two people being mutual friends, being love at first sight, or being the worst of all. Some dates end with the two people becoming mutual friends. Once two people go on their first date, they are mostly trying to get to know one another. One might would meet this person and think he or she is pleasant enough and may even be attractive. Therefore, this person might seem like the picture perfect girl or guy that society has this idea of the perfect person. As the date does on, he or she might realize there is no connection, no spark, or no anything, actually. The date could have gone just perfectly. But there is no spark, nothing exciting between the two. So, without a decent virtuous level of chemistry though, the two are more than likely more friends than a couple. A good amount first dates might end with two people believing in…

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