Essay What Makes A Father?

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We all need a father figure in our life rather it’s your real dad or stepfather especially if you’re a young boy, so that you can be taught how to respect your mom and every other woman that comes in your life this includes your future spouse and be a good father influence when you have your own kids. Unfortunately there are some people that don’t have a father in their life so mom has to do a two men’s job and teach her kids. there are good men’s who are willing to take another men’s responsibility and be a father figure to their new child and teach them what a men role how to treat and respect a woman, especially their mom, taking the trash out etc. and other stuff that am sure they will feel uncomfortable to hear it from their mom like the birds and the bees and how to protect themselves.
Luckily I am one of the kids that still have a father around to influence me and my siblings to work hard and be better than what him and my mother were so that we can have a good future and can get everything they have, my dad has always been there for me even when I made the wrong choice his always been there to pick me up and guide me to there right direction, he tells me that we are human we are not perfect we make mistake you just have to learn from it.
He is not the riches guy, but when I need something rather if its small or big and If he has it you will not hesitate to give it to me or any of his children like when my car broke down he didn’t think twice before giving me the…

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