What Makes A Family? Essay

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What is makes a family? The family unit across cultures is as diverse as the many landscapes of our world. While the view on the family seems to be set by Western ideals, the majority of the globe has a more complex family structure which includes not only the nuclear unit of a father, mother and children, but a more extended unit consisting of grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. There has been much change in the family structure in the past few decades the nuclear family is becoming blurred as the prevalence of divorce, unmarried couples and same sex household’s increase. It is this variation in traditional trends that have contributed to more pronounced issues within the family unit both in our own culture and through the spectrum of cultures at large. In analyzing two family units from two different cultures I used the medium of my workplace, I am an academic advisor at a large community college, I specialize in first generation students, these students come from families from a variety of backgrounds, cultures and income levels, some have parents who support their plans for higher education; others are under family pressure to enter the workforce right after high school. In advising first generation students, I usually meet with the parents as well, most first generation students are between the ages of 18-22 and qualify for financial aid, it is very common for the parent’s participation to be necessary in order for the prospective student to receive the federal…

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