What Makes A Fairytale? Essay

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Twenty Things About Love Late-Twenties Women Would Say To Early-Twenties

There are tons of things about love that we thought to ourselves when we were younger, but then discover, as we grew wiser, to be rather different.

This is not to say that love is no fairytale. It is. Every time we fall in love, it’s like a fairytale. But reality dawns on us as we get older and realize that love, as beautiful as it gets, isn’t all fairytale.

1. Love doesn’t come easy.

Ladies, it is rare to find true love, or real people, nowadays. It’s easy to be infatuated and go head-over-heels with someone, but to find love – the true kind – is rare and hard.

2. Things won’t always go as you planned.

We have it all painted in a picture in our head. How we want to be pursued, how we want our partners to be like… We have our stories written in our minds. But the universe has a different way of giving it to us. Maybe a few get lucky, but it’s not all the time the case.

3. Relationships require hard work.

This, perhaps, is the truest of all. If you’re not ready to work hard for love, then don’t rush into it. Believe me, it’s more work than your toughest career.

4. You gotta be ready to get your heartbroken.

I don’t mean to scare you or be negative. But love, like all things, entails taking risks. Understand that with every start, we’re never sure of the ending. But you will never know unless we have the courage to begin.

5. Humor helps.

Along the relationship, we get so stuck and absorbed by…

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