What Makes A College Student? Essays

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There are two different types of college kids, one with grit and one without. Grit plays a major role in college. Grit can be defined as a determined or goal driven person. So what makes a college student with grit different from a college student without grit? Even though a student without grit still has a plan to finish, they do not always do whatever it takes as a student with grit would. There are several differences between the two. Some of the differences are determination, not accepting failure, and passion. A student with grit has great determination. They want to achieve a long term goal which means hard work, dedication, and patience. Many days they will want to give up or just go for that quick fix, but they have to be determined to stick with their lifelong dream. They go to great links to get the impossible done and do not let anything get in their way. Instead of shutting down when an unexpected problem arises, they refocus and find a way to complete the mission. They do not just give up or accept defeat. They weigh options, appreciate ideas from others, and make new plans to achieve their ultimate goal. Whereas a person without grit does not have determination and they do not take that extra step. When they are shut down or something does not go as planned they cannot pursue on. It is easy for them to settle with the simplest or laziest outcome. They are willing to give up on a dream when things get hard. They let things get in the way and…

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