What Makes A Civil Engineer? Essay

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What makes a civil engineer different than any of the many other branches of engineering? Well it is certain that all branches of engineering must have a proficient understanding of math, science and technology in order to succeed (Georgia Tech, “What is Engineering”). Civil engineers however must be able to take the knowledge from these three areas and apply to create or enhance public works. A public work is nearly every type of transportation and transportation center, including space stations and jets, as well as dams, waterways, bridges and most buildings (ASCE, “What is Civil Engineering?’). The discipline of civil engineering focuses on public works which is different than engineers in general who are building many different things, but not specifically public works. In the discipline of civil engineering it is the process of learning, designing, creating and maintaining public works (ICE, “What Do Civil Engineers Do?”).
Scholars in the discipline keep a few key questions in the back of their mind: “How are civil engineers any different than another engineer?”, “What is ‘civil’ in ‘civil engineering’?” and “How can everything be made better?” In order to answer these questions, it is important to first realize exactly what a civil engineer does. Civil Engineers are the ones who are enhancing the everyday things that people take for granted all the time. We are also the ones who are trying to keep up with the “challenges of the 21st century” (GaTech, “What is Civil and…

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