What Makes A Change? Essay

1822 Words Dec 7th, 2016 8 Pages
A Change is Needed to End Obesity Bad food is causing health issues on many people, especially on younger generation what will be of our future. We were raised with junk food being fast and affordable. This is affecting many people, but it has been in a rise in 18-26 year old’s. It wasn 't always like this in the 70s there was less restaurants as well as less technology, that 's why it wasn 't as common as today. With advertising and other technological tricks that companies use to lure customers to eat what they produce, it 's easy to fall into their tricks especially if u work, have kids, or lack the money to get a healthy meal. Junk food has impacted us dramatically for good or bad, but then the question is left who is to blame for all the problems that are caused by this? Should it be the consumer 's fault or the companies who are at fault. Both are at fault companies for making their foods so unhealthy and cheap to get the customer 's attention, it’s not just the company 's fault customers are at fault too for lacking the education on good nutrition, lack of time because of work, and tiredness from their work. In order to make a change and help the life expectancy for the age group of 18-26 year old’s, we need to educate the consumers on the risk of obesity, have more healthy foods available for a cheaper price to even out the low cost of junk food, and advertise the benefits of exercising being active helps reduce obesity it’s up too this generation to find a…

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