What Makes A Business? Essay

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I grew up watching my father run his own business. My father treats each employee as if they are his best. He used to tell me that a business is only as good as their employees. When a business is started and begins to grow, it will eventually develop a culture. Depending on the type of managers and what the company finds most important will decide on which culture develops. As discussed in the Harvard business review the companies listed are those we could consider people oriented cultures. The case discusses the company "ReWorks" who offers their employees four weeks of remote work, four weeks of paid vacation each year, and they give their employees unlimited sick days. The company has studied others and have taken examples on how to shape their culture. A culture that offers employees flexibilities that can help keep them hard working and loyal to the company. A company should do anything in their power to keep their employees happy. Offering the ability to work at home I think is a benefit that all companies should add. There are times when people are either feeling a bit under the weather or just not in the mindset to work. Offering them the ability to work remotely can benefit both parties. Not only does it give the employee a more relaxing, but still productive day. The company can guarantee that work is going to get done compared to if the employee calls out. Part of a manager 's job is to get the most out of their employees. Each employee is going to need a…

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