What Makes A Business? Essay

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Introduction Leader is a title we will all have at some point in our lives. Whether we lead a business, a church group, a family, or a group of friends, it is important for all of us to consider the meaning of the word and how we can best serve the title. It’s important to consider the roles we play, as many of them are already opportunities for us to lead and play an important part in defining who we are. Discovering your personality type is also a helpful step, as it reveals new aspects of your self that may not have previously been recognized or considered. When considering leadership, the style with which you will lead is also important, as it is often defined by personality and the roles you play. Finally, it’s essential that personal strength and weaknesses are considered and a clear plan is made to apply all these aspects into effective, beneficial leadership.
Personal Roles
We all assume many roles in our lives. For most of us, “who am I?” is a very layered, difficult to answer question. Considering myself, my primary role is as a follower of Christ. While this role is often more nebulous and many would consider it to be an unspoken truth about their daily lives, I personally consider it to be my defining role. This can be dangerous, of course, because to hold oneself to that title comes with great responsibility. I don’t always reflect Christ well, but to quote the Apostle Paul: “I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ 's power may…

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