Essay on What Makes A Business?

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Retaining customers, and making continuous sales of products have been a major problem for most people because, everybody keeps doing things the same way.To get out of the problem, you must use a different strategy, which enables you to break the difficult problem.

The article explains some strategies that enables you to go into a business in different aspect, which enables you to sell better.This is for everybody including newbies, Its time to take a step and create a strategy that breaks the problem of not selling continuously.

The article starts by explaining the power of comparing products followed by keeping your mind out of fake products, then comes the kind of product to make with the need for maintaining quality products following it, second to last explains how to sell better, and finally, how to help you customers follows, which is the last.

1. Compare Products:
Comparing other similar products to which you expects to produce, reveals the features, qualities, and advantages they (products) have over each other, this gives you a clear knowledge of what features to add to yours. Do this: after comparing other products with their close substitute, make yours multi-purpose, by adding the collection of features and qualities of the other products to your single product.In that case you keep selling in all round having the overall advantages because, your product meets a variety of customers/consumers needs.

With the above, there is no difficulty in selling your…

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