Essay about What Makes A Brand Building?

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Brands have the ability to become more than a logo, more than advertisements and messages that make consumers feel like nothing more than a walking dollar sign. Successful brand building relies on the development of an authentic relationship created between a brand and their consumers. In todays developing society we continue to be manipulated by the culture industry and factory mass production, which in turn creates an attitude of indifference for many towards the fashion and luxury brand industry (, 2014). Consumers rely on symbolism when deciding whether to invest in a luxury brand, they may question how an item creates meaning in their life or how it will increase their social status. If a consumer can be ensured of a customised, exclusive experience that promises fulfilment of their ideal self they will develop trust for a brand and therefore develop an authentic relationship with the specific brand that has given them this experience.

A brand is to a certain extent, symbolic of who people are and who they want to be. The brands people choose to associate with put individuals into categories, in-groups and out-groups. A brand is a badge, a logo that symbolizes and differentiates brand from brand and provides consistency to consumers (Unitec, 2014). Because brands are symbolic they give people a sense of belonging, whether avoiding brands puts them in a trendy out-group or the high price point and exclusivity puts them in a small in-group people are given…

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