What Makes A Blessing Or Be A Curse? Essay

753 Words Nov 14th, 2016 4 Pages
Introduction: Unexpected Situation Sometimes life throws unexpected situations into our everyday lives. They can have a domino or out spreading effect, worming in and out our defenses. Depending on the attitudes of family members when these situations arise, they can either make, bend, or destroy us. Grant, it, some unexpecting can come as a blessing or be a curse. Some can kaleidoscope before our eyes, confusing on what we are witnessing, and although, beautiful and twisting in color delight, it could settle as an explosion, destroying our lives. But the one sustaining truth is, no matter the unexpected it can be turned and contorted until it is somehow claimed a blessing in our lives. As our story unfolds with the devastating news over Mark Anthony’s brain tumor, a dormant, unseen tumor, is about to explode, in the Brown’s circle of family and friends. While the family and friends, for the most part rally, around the child, a darkness grows within the father. He has strong feelings of despair, and although no one says it, he feels they blame him for not manning up and taking control. Everyone else seems to find their part in this whole devastation, but him and with his feeling of being alone, sinks into deep depression. He fought in a war and was deemed a town hero, came home to a company job that through cut backs, let him go. His solution was to stay home, and return to school, but now in his depression, he is not able to concentrate, so pretends he heads off to…

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