What Makes A Better As A Society? Essay

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We live in a country so rich in diversity. We have people from all walks of life coming into this country with the hopes of creating a better future for themselves and their families. This is what makes this country so great to live in. You get to experience and learn from different cultures, ethnicities and religions basically from our backyard. It is one of the great privileges we have. However, we could do better as a society in showing our appreciation for all that immigrants bring to our country. There are many aspects to an immigrant’s life, which natives sometimes take for granted. We do not think about the hardships they face or the advantages they have over us. For example one advantage they have is that immigrant families have fewer health problems and are overall healthier than the US population. They also have stronger work ethics and are more motivated to improve their living situation. Another surprising fact that I learned from the research was that children born to immigrant mothers are less likely to be born with a low birth rate than children born to native mothers. Yet in spite of all those great qualities and advantages there are many negatives to being an immigrant family. Some of the difficulties faced by immigrant families are racism, language barriers and uneducated parents. Education also happens to be the deciding factor when dealing with the outcome of a child’s life. Children born to parents with less than 8 years of schooling are more likely…

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