Essay about What Makes A Best Writer?

1046 Words Dec 15th, 2015 null Page
Many folks cringe at the thought of doing an overall self-assessment of themselves and maybe even more so if they are asked to focus in on one specific area. Assessing oneself overall makes it easier to overlook the smaller quirky habits you may have or the fact that you no longer go to church on Sunday mornings or the inside of your car looks like a garbage can. Overall you can still give yourself a good grade mainly because of the other things that you do accomplish, using the good outweighs the bad scenario. But assessing yourself in one specific area such as writing can be difficult. I want to assess myself as a writer in this class and find a way to capture writing a powerful thesis statement in my essays, specifically, I want to be capable of writing essays on demand with a thesis statement that pops right off the page! When anyone does a substantial amount of writing, the professionals will tell them not to get too hooked on your words, for it is a fact, writers do love their words! Not only do they love them, they usually love the way they compose them also, and they love the message they convey through their composure, so when the editor comes in with the red pen so to speak, a writer can get very intimidated, insulted, hurt or even angry! On the contrary though, a serious writer gets past that usually during the first round of edits! I actually do a lot of writing. Interestingly, what I write are not essays, but rather material of historic nature that comes…

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