What Makes A Best Friend? Essays

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A best friend, or at least in my experience, brings out your best qualities, and your best self. This, in a world where your personality is constantly being molded by others opinions and beliefs, is essential and a blessing to have. In answering this question, I tried to think about my own experience. One of my best friends, who moved away a couple years ago, is someone I feel I can completely be myself around, and I tried to look through her eyes when thinking about my best qualities. One quality that I think a close friend would say is my the fact that I stay true to myself, that I am self possessed. At this point in my life and the people around me, there are constant influences and features that are molded who we are and how we interact in the world. It is hard to be yourself when so many others are telling you who to be. I try to look above those factors and remind myself that the person I am, the quirky and bizarre person I am, is perfect and I don 't have to try to be anyone else. Another quality a close friend would see is my adventurous side, and my ability and desire to take risks. At my best, I will climb any mountain or go on any roller coaster; I love the rush. However, it is not only in terms of adventurous sports; I am willing to take risks and to try and problem solve, especially in a group where a positive energy is needed. In a friend situation, this is sometimes necessary, as we don 't have the reliance on parents in these situations. A third quality that…

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