What Led Up Of The Renaissance? Essay

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 What led up to the Renaissance?
 Fall of Rome & the regression back into Feudalism
 The Crusades
 The Bubonic Plague
 Great geological/trade location
 Establishing the city-states
 New ideas were mostly inspired by the Romans and the Greeks, who were considered trailblazers
Economic and Political Developments/Commercial Developments
 Florence was the heart of the Art Renaissance
 Northern city-states like Venice, Milan, and Genoa grew wealthy because they had access to the seas and the Middle Eastern trade routes
 Genoa and Venice made faster ships by using the innovations of the Middle East. It allowed them to ship more goods better economy
 During the Late 1200s, Florence’s merchants and bankers controlled European banks and built new banks in important places of trade
 Ex. London, Paris, Barcelona, and North African ports
 Florence had a very stable economy
 The Medicis were BIG in banking and they controlled the outcomes of politics
• Ex. Lorenzo the Magnificent and Cosimo Medici
Communes and Republics
 What political systems ruled the cities-states?
 #1 Communes: The people of Northern Italian city-states want to be completely politically/economically independent from the nobles.
 Ex. Milan, Genoa, Florence, Siena, and Pisa
 The Communes secured the cities and their trade
 #2 Despots/ Oligarchy: Power of 1 person vs. many families
 #3 Popolo (commoners)/ Republic: People wanted equal taxes and a say in governing
 #4 Condottieri*/…

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