What Knowledge Do You Possess That Can Contribute For Serving A Market Need?

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What knowledge do you possess that can contribute to serving a market need?
The knowledge that I possess that can contribute to serving a market need is involved in patterns of human behavior. As a psychology major, I have learned a lot about the science behind how people think, act, and what motivates them. This is an essential component of serving a market need because you need to be able to understand the costumer. The use of psychology in entrepreneurship is needed to make intelligent decisions regarding the costumers needs and reactions. Additionally, serving a market need is a lot about effectively connecting with costumers. Having an understanding of the mechanisms behind influencing and persuasion would help bring in more costumers. Being able to predict how the people will respond to certain actions taken helps one adjust their ideas and goals accordingly. Psychological strategies can also be used to gain the trust of clients and maintain healthy relationships with them. Apart from the knowledge I have gained from the courses I have taken, I have also gained knowledge on the principles of research methods from working as a research assistant. This knowledge is useful in serving market need because market needs and demands are constantly evolving. Data collection and analysis allow us to keep up with these changing needs by providing us with insight on the…

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