What Kind Of Training Have You Had For Writing? Essay

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As one who believes in highlighting all talent in TV and movies (and especially when it comes to Hallmark, my favorite network), I was immensely grateful to get the chance to ask Nina Weinman a few questions about her work behind-the-scenes. She has penned such beloved films as Backyard Wedding, Stop the Wedding, Operation Christmas, and so many more, and since I am a writer myself, I consistently relish the opportunity to get a perspective on the creative forces who give us such amazing stories year in and year out. She detailed a little about how she got started as a writer, why she loves the Hallmark network, and even hinted at her future pursuits.

With Rachel Boston on the way to HOME & FAMILY for STOP THE WEDDING
RH: Why did you decide to become a writer and specifically a screenwriter? What kind of training have you had for writing?

NW: I 've always been a storyteller from a young age. Every childhood game was actually a performance or "putting on a show." I did a lot of theater and dance when I was younger and had (and still have) a strong passion for the arts. I knew I wanted to end up in Hollywood (I grew up in Silicon Valley), but I wasn 't entirely sure in what capacity. I studied journalism, but wasn 't passionate about it; however it was a great training ground for being a screenwriter. Upon moving to LA, I finally admitted to myself that I wanted to be an actress, but it wasn 't until I wrote a play--so I 'd have something to act in--that I realized my…

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