Essay on What Kind Of Food Groups Alter College Student 's Moods?

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Today, a lot of college student moods and how they go through everyday endeavors are affected drastically by what they eat and what type of food they consume throughout the day. What kind of food groups alter college student’s moods? The purpose of this study is to recognize if college students who eat certain foods like high/low sodium and high/low sugar will have a bad mood throughout the day as opposed to people who do not eat this group of food. This is important because college campuses offer a wide variety of food whether it is good or bad. Students are more aware of healthy food choices that are being served in dining cafeteria’s and being able to easily identify them (Peterson, S., Duncan, D., Null, D., Roth, S., Gill, L., 2010). For a lot of students, they live on campus and the campus food is of easy access versus buying in bulk like grocery shopping. It was found that students who live on campus have a higher meal intake than those who live off of campus (Pelletier, J., Laska, M. 2013). We need to know which food groups are not efficient to give students if it alters their moods. This could affect their study habits and/or test taking abilities. Mood is temporary, but the effects of having altering moods can change your daily behavior. This meaning, if you continue to eat harsh foods it will hinder your daily activities. For example, if you drank water and stuck to fruits and vegetables for the whole summer you may feel more energized and able to make it all…

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