What Kind Of Entrepreneur Is Runyan? What Are His Key Strengths And Weaknesses?

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What kind of entrepreneur is Runyan? What are his key strengths and weaknesses? Runyan is an opportunity entrepreneur, because he left his job voluntarily when he discovered a problem with the cleaners service he was using. From this it is clear that he is a risk taker. It takes a lot to leave a steady job and try to start you own business, with little capital. He has a background in marketing, so he is not oblivious to inner workings of the business world. His marketing experience would help him market his own business. Confidence is also a strength that he possesses. As for weaknesses cash flow management would be the biggest one, since he already has got his business established, the opportunity for expansion and growth would be solely based on the amount of money he has. While he was at Sprint he probably was given a budget for the projected he worked on, but now he is faced with the task of managing the cash flows for every aspect of his business. It is not impossible to do but it is a rather difficult task, when you are the one look upon to make sure the lights stay on, supplies are in stock, equipment is in working condition, and your employees are paid. It requires a lot of planning, analyzing, and attention to detail. Another weakness he has is the opportunity for growth, Expanding any business can be costly and can be costly and detrimental if not executed the correct way. Expansion requires capital, the correct employees, and prime location along with a number of…

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