What It 's Called Now Days? Essay

734 Words Mar 22nd, 2016 3 Pages
Stafos or assassins den that’s what it’s called now days it used to be a rich port city but now its more of a safe haven for cons, a black frown cart stops by a inn with 2 bull skulls facing each other on the door looking at it directly makes you feel like entering the door way to death nonetheless a skinny” man gets off the cart and opens its door a 7 foot man with stern face and scars on the cheek and a heavy two handed sword on his back following him a grumpy fat man as he steps down he adjust his fancy clothes” doesn’t change his looks much but from his overall you feel greed gazing from him, the 7 foot heads towards the inn’s door following him the grumpy fat face as the 7 foot reaches the door the grumpy face talks in a low pitched voice with a cautious eye looking towards the 2 bull skulls :are sure this is the right place, the 7 foot replies with a gesture towards the cart : we can easily head back, the grumpy face looks back and see the cart driver studying him as a good investment grumpy face looks back at 7 foot saying :we came this far can’t risk this chance as well, the 7 foot sighs opens the door and changes the expression on his face form neutral to a decisive face looking around him scanning the area eyes look back at him and turn back to their drinks and from the looks of it they don’t care as if they have enough troubles on their minds already which gives the 7 foot a relief heading towards bar tender saying straight away : I have a meeting with the steward…

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