What It Means To Say Thomas

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Can expressing your feelings hurt others?

Hatred is shown very often. And it can lead to many problems. Hate can be shown in different ways. Hate is a strong word and people can hurt others by their actions. The reason behind it is that people want to show feelings and emotions but they don’t realize that they contribute to and escalate to racism, violence, war, discrimination, etc. When one feels hatred, everything wrong that one does makes them believe they’re doing the right thing. Those feelings make one believe that vengeance is good and fair. Hate can hurt families, friends, people one knows and even innocent people. The consequence of hatred is an important concept in sherman alexie’s work because throughout his novels he shows how hatred can lead to violence, isolation, and self-confidence.
In Flight,
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Many people think he’s weird or people don’t want to hang out with him. Since, people don’t hang out with thomas, he is really lonely which is why he ended up talking to himself. People show hatred towards thomas because they really try to stay away from him and try to ignore thomas. In “This Is What It Means to Say Phoenix, Arizona” it says, “While victor stood in line, he watched thomas builds-the-fire standing near the magazine rack talking to himself. Like he always did. Thomas was a storyteller whom nobody wanted to listen to. That’s like being a dentist in a town where everybody has false teeth.” (“Phoenix, Az 2) this evidence shows that thomas is lonely but he still has his grandmother. Although he doesn’t really talk to anyone, he is still happy and continues to tell stories all the time. Thomas could get someone mad and that can lead to violence as well. People trying to stay away from thomas made thomas become so isolated. This can become a conflict between thomas and

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