What It Means to Say Phoenix, Arizona Essay example

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Sherman J. Alexie, is a short story written in the first person focusing on two Native American Men who grew up together on a Reservation for Native Americans but have been estranged from each other since they were teenagers. Victor who is the narrator of this story is a young man who lost faith in his culture and its traditions, while Thomas our second main character is a deeply rooted traditional storyteller. In the beginning of the story Victor, our Native American narrator learns the death of his father. Jobless and penniless, his only wish is to go to Phoenix, Arizona and bring back his father’s ashes and belongings to the reservation in Spokane. The death of Victor’s father leads him and Thomas to a journey filled with childhood …show more content…
When they were kids, they were the closest friends in the world. They didn’t care about what other people thought, and they never judged each other. It is this kind of forgotten friendship that they rediscovered once they left the reservation and went away from people’s judgmental sight. Thomas has been the victim of the peer pressure that Victor seems unable to grow out of, and even though they are fond of each other, victor gave up on his friendship with Thomas. Victor learned from Thomas throughout this journey. He realized what had happened to him and why he had let his life and his friendship go in the direction it had gone. He learned how to forgive and how to accept people for who they are. During the trip, Victor apologized for beating him up when they were younger, and finally starts to accept Thomas for who he is, “the crazy storyteller who talked to dogs and cars, who listened to the wind and pine trees.”(Sherman, 294) In such a short time, Victor seems to have matured and his relationship with Thomas has also shifted to a point where he understands Thomas better, along with a new understanding of himself. “In many ways Thomas also helps Victor to understand his own place within the greater scheme of

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