`` What It Means For Not Daddy Fatherhood For Black Men Living Away From Their Children '

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After reading Ms. Jennifer Hamer’s “What It Means to Be Daddy Fatherhood for Black Men Living Away from Their Children,” I knew this was the perfect novel to write a book review on. I can relate so much of my own life, being a father, to other father’s statements given in the story on a live-away father. Ms. Hamer breaks the book down in three different parts which are broken down even further into eight sections. The book describes the transition of fatherhood for black men during slavery years to the fatherhood in today’s world. Each parts describes the lifestyles of black fathers, how they are judged and what is expected of them, and what being an actual father means. Part one consist of, The World in Which Black Fathers Live, Slavery Civil War and Reconstruction, and Times Are Just Going to Get Worse. The first section starts off with how black fathers are perceived in the public’s eyes. Black men are seen as low life, dead beat dads, who do not own up to their responsibilities and father their children. Next, Hamer describes the standards of fatherhood: Fathers are to provide legal and genetic endowment for their offspring. She explains how the child is to carry the father’s last name, take the father’s genetic features, and legal right to inheritance. Fathers should also provide sustenance to family members, protect their children from physical harm, interact with the daily care of their child, and help educate the child. Though these standards are common…

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