What It Means For A Latino? Essay

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What it means to be a Latino? It’s more complicated than you think. The term Latino varies in its definition or view depending on who is defining it. The terms Latino and Latina originate from American Spanish, and ultimately from the Latin terms latinus and latina, which literally mean Latin. Therefore people from Latin America are called “Latinos”. The origin of the term derives from the cultural distinctions between the Romance language countries of modern-day, like Italy, Spain, France, Portugal and Romania, and other European nations, including the Germanic countries of Northwestern and Central Europe. These distinctions grew and became more noticeable as the Germanic countries tended to embrace Protestantism while the Romance language countries remained Roman Catholic. As a Latino that travelled to Europe and being an international student in the U.S., I can tell that the term Latino is approach in a different way between Europeans and Americans. Of course, how I define myself have some similarities and contrast based on the European and American Perspective. In 1997 the United States Government officially adopted the term Latino in the ethnonym Hispanic or Latino, which replaced the single term Hispanic: "Because regional usage of the terms differs – Hispanic is commonly used in the eastern portion of the United States, whereas Latino is commonly used in the western portion." In addition, the term "Hispanic" has its origins in the 1970 census. According The Census…

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