What Is Your History With Future City? Essay

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Future City Interview What is your history with Future City?
Future City Egypt founded at 2007, once I joined it and participated in founding the new model of Future City Egypt with my colleagues of volunteers then I considered FC as one of my life anchors, It always gives me the power to continue my daily activities with passion and I really consider FC Egypt as a family.

Every year we plan for a new season of FC Egypt with passion, usually, we use a slogan for FC Egypt “The treasure is on the journey” to teach our students that we want them to enjoy the journey and to learn as much as they can, it’s not only about winning.

How did you get involved in Future City? What interested you in the program? Why do you choose to volunteer your time with the FC program?
I was working on many volunteering activities, but only focus on university students and fresh graduates to develop their skills and to link them with the real market and I believed that was the real impact back then,

While FC Egypt was organizing their season they asked for a volunteer to manage their finals and they called me to take this tasks and I wasn’t interested in the content of the competition and only focused on the logistics and all related tasks before the event, once I saw the students and their work I really astonished! They were very creative and magnificent, and then I decided this is my lifetime volunteering work and I should be here forever.

I realized that working with younger students…

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