What Is Your Grandmother Essay

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Everyone has family and almost everyone has some grandparents or step grandparents that they see or visit, including me, I have two grandparents left. Both of them are grandmas their names are Monica Provost and Marlene Tauzell, who is my step grandma. Grandma Marlene I do not see a lot maybe once to three times a year because she lives in the cities with other relatives, while my Grandma Provost I see all summer but she leaves to California for the winter with my mom’s side of the family that lives there. Our Grandma Marlene is 79 and is very active in getting around, is socially active with her church, and does some volunteer work around her community. Marlene moved away from us and closer to her family when grandpa died and now lives
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My grandma Provost is going to be turning 90 soon and is quite healthy, beside having a pace maker put in today. She only uses a walker, because of doctors orders of being on a blood thinner, and when outside the house she will sometimes use a wheelchair when we take her places that require a lot of walking. Grandma Provost is on my mother’s side of the family and our grandma only lives 10 miles away from us so we get to see whenever we wish she is very close to all of us since our mom’s side is very close and stays very connected unlike my dad’s side which barely keeps in contact unless their nearby. Our grandma provost is also financially stable, because her husband was also a war vet, but likes to pay for dinner when we take her out to eat so we sometimes worry but she does well in keeping track of her money; Grandma Provost is also Catholic with us and goes to church with us on Sundays, which leads to having lunch after church and watching some criminal minds …show more content…
I work at a resort and I see many grandparents who bring their grandkids on trips, and I think that after all I have seen so far the greatest joys is probably being there when your grandchildren are born, seeing them a lot, being involved in their activities, seeing their achievements, and watching them grow up. Though there are many joys to being a grandparent there are also some challenges that come along with them: watching them grow up, get hurt, watching them get in trouble, not being there for absolutely everything they do including watching them in their extracurricular activities , and the possibility of not seeing them get married and have kids of their own. Being a grandparent has many positives and some negatives, some bigger than others but whether you’re a grandparent or a grandchild be involved with each other and enjoy them while you can because sadly nothing lasts forever exceptin your

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